best cat ever

Luna is honestly an evil cat. Horrible noisemaker in the middle of the night, and quite frankly, a complete bitch when she's hungry.

But when she lets Naia do stuff like THIS to her without clawing her eyes out... I guess it all balances out.

"Luna's a princess."
"What? Oh my god, no."

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Wow, they do it in 3D now, too.

Spent most of the entire morning waiting. Waiting through traffic in the rain and slick roads, waiting for the ultrasound, waiting for the doc to check the ultrasound himself, waiting for the midwife to chat, waiting to have blood drawn - not getting blood drawn on the 1st attempt, so waiting for another nurse to give it a go. Waiting through a drive through for some TacoTime. Blaaaaah.

Coming away with some pics of the new kiddo makes it all worth it, though.


Truth in advertising

I love trying out new bizarre drinks at Uwijamaya. This one isn't particularly bizarre (just tastes like lemonade) - that is, until you read the label.

Lets see if you can identify what's wrong with this product.


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I am sitting here typing, and this thing just scampers across my line of sight. Pic doesn't do it justice... that's a -large- glass. Ergo, I just set outside the enormous daddy of spiders. I hope he remembers my kindness, and doesn't come back to eat my family.


learning the hard way

Amongst the swag scored at OSCon was a 64mb usb stick.

I've never bothered owning one of these, so I was a little overexcited. Using my laptop more often has made me wish for an easier way to carry pgp/ssh/vpncert keys around with me, so I copied all of my shit over to the thing during one of the last presentations of the day.

Went out to Rock Bottom, drank some beer, and realized that I couldn't feel it anymore in my pocket. That's right, sometime after copying all of my private keys to this fucking thing, the usb stick fell through a HOLE in my pocket, and is now god knows where.

I'm really *extremely* careful about my priv keys. My pgp key was from 1998. :( I just spent the better part of the evening distributing revocations for my pgp stuff, changing authkeys files on the vast array of machines I have access on, and revoked the vpn cert for internal Spime stuff.

On the plus side... openvpn makes revoking access pretty easy, and my keys were so damn old, I guess it was about time to do this anyway. I'm pissed I don't have the stick anymore, though. :( No more ssh rsa key! 4096 bit pgp key! .... eh fuck, who am I kidding, this blows. I'm pretty mad at myself.