Lovely party. Pity I wasn't invited. (mahlon) wrote,
Lovely party. Pity I wasn't invited.

cheeken gud

Had some pals over for a late dinner last night. No one could decide on what to eat, so somehow it defaulted to KFC. I normally hate KFC, but I was so hungry I agreed. We ran out there to pick it up and come back - got a family sized tub of chicken with a coupon that included a bunch of sides and biscuits and other assorted crap.

I asked the drive through chick if she could split the total between two cards - she said “Yah” and took both cards. Got them back, the whole total was on only one card. She looked totally disoriented and confused, and they were closing in 10 minutes - so we didn’t say anything... we were starving, and just wanted to get the food back home. She hands us the bag, says “Thank you” and closes the drive through window. We have no drinks. So we sit and wait for her to notice that we haven’t driven away (another 5 mins to sort everything out) get the drinks, and get out of there.

Back home, start unpacking it all to eat, and we realize she didn’t give us at least half of our chicken order, plus the biscuits are missing. Even with the coupon, enough food was missing that it warranted driving back and complaining. I get back into the car with my friend, now utterly dying of hunger, and drive back to KFC. The problem: now they are closed. We are banging outside the windows, and they can see and hear us, but they aren’t opening the door because... well... they’re closed, after all. So we walk around to the drive through window and start really making some noise. The manager comes up, we explain we’re missing a LOT of food we paid for. She’s very nice and apologetic, but she can’t give us our order because that food has already been thrown out for the night, and she can’t refund to my card because the credit line has been closed.

So I end up getting all the extra chicken in the building not yet thrown out, plus a coupon that gives another whole shitload of chicken/sides/biscuits and a large popcorn chicken for free, good anytime at that KFC. This ‘coupon’ was nothing more than a comment card with the manager writing all of the above, and signing it.

I still don’t like KFC chicken, but now I have enough of it to feed at least 12 people.

Moral of the story: always check your order before driving away.

Who wants some chicken?

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