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one birdy and a little guy and a bad mousie and a LION
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Things I love this week 
17th-Feb-2005 02:12 pm
VIM sessions. We’ve been packing / rearranging the office. Unplugged my dev machine numerous times. :mksession first, and :so session later. It’s like a reattached vim screen that survives reboots. One of those things I always knew existed but never really used before.

Synergy. Doesn’t replace a KVM, but not meant to. Now I don’t have to screw with 2 keyboards on my desk to use my mac. And going back to dual monitors makes me look ultra leet.

Ion. Been using it for a year. I just appreciate it daily.

Vimoutliner. I’m organized now. Only excuse for not getting shit done now is sheer laziness. Or being drunk.
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