November 1st, 2005

deal with devil

Successful Halloween

Successful Halloween
We took the kiddo around gathering candy from neighbors, then I donned the EvilMask®, and began scaring the absolute bejesus out of trick or treaters. We had quite the system laid out. Nadine would warn me of their estimated age as they approached, so I could adjust my scare tactics accordingly. Then she'd walk across the window, so they'd see and expect her to open the door. I would instead, while I simultaneously shut off the porch light, and screamed.

A 6th grade princess jumped 3 feet into the air. A younger girl (who I heard say "I'm scared" as she walked up the porch) was on the verge of tears, then laughed after I told her to have a good night. A pack of older kids made fun of their friend who fell backwards into them and yelled "WHAT WAS -THAT-, MAN??"

All in all, a good night.