Lovely party. Pity I wasn't invited. (mahlon) wrote,
Lovely party. Pity I wasn't invited.

drink the blood of the pope

Gwar was quite good.

  • Deaths of Mike Tyson, Courtney Love, and the Pope. Bush was disemboweled.
  • ape_man_ was hit on by an extremely skanky chick that wanted him to finish her beer, and claimed to ‘know’ Oderus. Very, very drunk.
  • A girl a few seats away from us was smoking -enormous- amounts of pot. Started sobbing profusely during Gor Gor. Very surreal.

  • No ‘Sexecutioner’ or ‘Have you Seen Me’.

I managed to not get stained. People were screaming miscellaneous obscenities as everyone filed out of the venue, ape_man_ and I got away from it all and walked the few blocks to his car. It suddenly was really quiet. I said, “watch this” - rolled down the window, and yelled “GWAAAAAAAARRRRRR”. No more than 2 seconds later, at least 10 random voices from inside and outside the parking garage returned the scream. Nice.

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