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one birdy and a little guy and a bad mousie and a LION
boom shacka locka : http://pulse.martini.nu/
26th-Apr-2004 06:50 pm
More biking stuff:
Weird stuff on the way home. First off, I got lost. Those unlabeled paths on Fanno Creek trail got me. I think I know the way now... through experience. Some of the trails apparently loop around, and after 10 minutes of biking, I ended up right where I started. Would be fun, if it wasn't 85 degrees.

Since it was so hot, there were TONS of people out. A kid on a scooter bit it right in front of me - I stopped and asked if he was ok, and he just gave me a pissed off look and took off. Ok, fine. Then some mexican dude held his hand out as I rode by him - I think he wanted me to give him a high-five. When I didn't, he said "AWWWW MAAAAN". Now I feel bad.

This'll be nice when my body stops being in shock from moving. I don't want to think about what I'm going to feel like when I wake up tomorrow.
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