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disturbing new (?) trend 
26th-Mar-2004 09:51 am
I go to a fast food place, hand them my debit card. They run it, hand it back to me, and give me my food.


I’ve been under the impression that using a card required *some* form of authentication. If debit, a pin number. The back of my card says “SEE PHOTO ID”. If they run it as credit, don’t they need a signature? (People not checking sigs or checking and ignoring the ID request is another topic altogether.)

Any schmoe can use my card without providing -any- form of identity confirmation. That really, really sucks.
30th-Mar-2004 01:01 pm (UTC)
You don't know me but I was just clickin around readin' people's journals. The same thing happened to me last week, and I think its pretty dangerous. Anyone can just find my card and use it! Its pretty fucked. I get why you are annoyed.
7th-Apr-2004 01:31 pm (UTC) - Bah!
I don't see why you freaks are so annoyed by this.


Kidding. That does suck. Unfortunately, when you get paid crap amounts of money and have people yell at you all day for serving them crappy food - you tend to stop caring about things. And really, I'm sure the safety of our financial transaction is the *last* thing on their list of priorities.

Oh well.
13th-Apr-2004 01:40 pm (UTC)
thats true, and you're right. It still sucks. It happened again to me yesterday, which is why I came back to see if anyone else had posted a comment. When it happened I remembered this entry, lol.

Hope I never lose my card! I'd be shit outta luck!
21st-Apr-2004 03:13 am (UTC)
In the UK, you have to sign in order to agree with them to debit your account... if they don't have your signature, and you query the transaction, then the shop can't provide any proof that you accepted it and you get refunded.

Where I work, you have to be careful :-/. If you have to type the card in manually because it won't read, you also have to take a carbon copy of the card to prove that you actually had the card there. And, we have to get signatures (though they're installing PIN terminals this Autumn, which ought to make stuff easier).
25th-Apr-2004 01:53 am (UTC)
Depends on the cost. If you're paying $6 for a meal, and it happens to be a stolen credit card, they're just going to eat it. The signature is only required to prove someone made a purchase, so it's technically not required (or so I understand).

It's up to the company, whether they fight these things or not. Think about it like on the web--when you make a purchase online, you don't have signatures, do you? Sure, they use the address and the CVV2, but you can write all that stuff down and not have the card.

For most companies that deal in small amounts of food like that, it's not worth the time to get a signature (that can take almost as much time as taking the order and such), so why bother?

I guess the whole "see photo ID" kinda makes you wonder, though. :)
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