Lovely party. Pity I wasn't invited. (mahlon) wrote,
Lovely party. Pity I wasn't invited.

grunt grunt grunt

Deena makes fun of me from time to time, because she says that sometimes have a ‘manly man’ mentality, yet I don’t do anything even remotely manly. I suck at automotive stuff, I don’t care one little bit about sports, and I historically tend to make things worse when I try to play handyman and ‘fix’ things.

I basically only know about how things work after they break, and someone else shows me how to fix them -properly-. (Case in point: the motorcycle.)

With all that said, last night I installed a new power cable into the dryer that came with the house (the one that it had didn’t fit the wall outlet) and rewired my first light switch. I’m feelin’ the testosterone pumpin. As long as we don’t have a surprise wall fire, I think it’s safe to say that wasn’t very hard, and I might become a handyman yet. Woo woo.

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