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one birdy and a little guy and a bad mousie and a LION
boom shacka locka : http://pulse.martini.nu/
9th-Feb-2004 04:07 pm
Really nice day today, albeit a little cold. Don’t care, driving around with my sunroof open and windows down. Oh yeeeah.

1492 pieces of spam in my box over the weekend. 100% caught. 3 cheers for technology and the Internet! (Not for the filtering, just a little sarcasm for the sheer absurdity of receiving almost 1500 pieces of crapmail in 2 days.)

I was told I pop my knuckles in my sleep. So if I think it’s a bad habit and decide I want to stop... what the hell am I supposed to do about that?

My hair is long enough now that when I wear a hat, it looks like a wig-hat. I want to shave it off now, but I’m not allowed. :(

My Mom asks me for tech support quite frequently, which I generally don’t mind answering. Here is today’s question, open to interpretation:
 (10:10:15) Mom: do I do CD/ 

11th-Feb-2004 03:33 pm (UTC)
dr. freud says:

Why are you always so interested in changing your habits? You some kinda sucka? I'll be over here in the corner cracking my knuckles and guzzling coffee by the liter. And don't shave your head, either, or I'll steal the clippers again.
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