Lovely party. Pity I wasn't invited. (mahlon) wrote,
Lovely party. Pity I wasn't invited.

i am so very weak

Decided to begin the process of weening myself from my coffee master again last week.
I had done it before - when Deena was pregnant and was adhering to a strict ‘no alcohol no caffeine’ lifestyle, I thought it would only be fair to do the same. Stopped beer and coffee cold turkey, thinking that I’d be wanting a beer in an hour or so afterwards. Surprisingly, beer was no problem to give up. (Though DAMN it was good after 9 months.) Coffee, however, was torture. The headache began almost the same day, which I expected, since I had a little bit of a habit. What I didn’t expect was it lasting 4 days. I fell asleep with it. I woke up with it.

I wanted to die.

So after that went away, I thought staying off coffee would be a good idea. 9 months later, I had a small cup, and that was that. Back on the wagon. Coffee laughed from afar.

This time, I thought I’d try and trick coffee with a daily weening. I went from a cup in the morning, a refill at lunch, and an optional 3rd refill on my way home to a small cup of plain house coffee by last Friday. This weekend, I had *half a cup* in the middle of the day on Saturday, and I had none whatsoever on Sunday.

But coffee wouldn’t be fooled. I woke up yesterday with a raging headache, knowing full well that the only cure was to succumb to my coffee master.

I need an intervention.

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